Preciosa Regal Faerie "Ice Queen"

Preciosa Regal Faerie is the more sophisticated version of the sister product Crystal Faerie. Regal Faerie comprises tiny faceted cubic zirconia stones that are unmatched in both shine and durability.


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Preciosa is a world-leading producer of cut crystal and specializes mainly in the production of crystals, pearls and other fashion gemstones of the highest quality and in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Preciosa is known worldwide for its unique PRECIOSA® Hi-Pure CrystalTM technology. The brand PRECIOSA® Genuine Czech Crystal ™ is a guarantee for the finest quality of the Czech crystal from Preciosa.

Both Crystal and Regal Faerie is developed following feedback from the industry's most sought after nail therapists. 
The bottle covers the same amount as the Swarovski Pixe but for half the price!

Application on nails
The crystals are applied on gel polish or gel before curing, we recommend structure base. 
Exposure to UV rays does not affect the luster or durability of the crystal.

Packaging & grams
One bottle contains 12g crystals

More Information
Color White
Amount 12g
Product type Rhinestones & crystals
Type Regal Faerie
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