About us

Our Vision
Lilly Nails' vision is to be Europe's leading distributor of professional nail, lash & brow products. By providing high-quality vocational training we hope to raise the professional status in the industry.
Our goal is to make all our customers feel satisfied, safe and proud to use our products and be trained by us.
Lilly Nails is investing in having a complete range, where you as a customer will find everything for your business!


High Quality Products 
To ensure that all chemical products in our range holds high level of safety and quality, all products are registered with the Medical Products Agency in Sweden and CPNP (EU Cosmetics Register).
Lilly Nails has its own product developers, who produce the latest and greatest on the market.
The product range is mainly aimed at professional certified technicians/artists/stylists, to ensure that the products are used correctly. In recent years, the range for consumer products has been supplemented with Swedish-made skin care products with exclusive and vegan friendly ingredients. Lilly Nails also takes its producer responsibility by being affiliated with FTI - the Packaging and Newspaper Collection in Sweden.


Lilly Nails Community 
With its wide network of contacts, long industry experience and a large community back, Lilly Nails is today a leader in the nail industry.
All Lilly Nails tachnicians/artists/stylists can take part in a wide network, including the popular group “Lilly Nails Therapists” on Facebook.
Lilly Nails offers good development opportunities in the profession such as further educations and courses, teachers trainings, competition teams, as well as digital and local inspirational events.



All products are registered with the Medical Products Agency (SWE) and CPNP (EU Cosmetic Register).


All undergraduate programs are approved by the Swedish industry organization SEYF (Swedish Association of Aesthetics).


We are connected to FTI - Packaging and newspaper collection in Sweden for safe recycling.


The product range is constantly developed and enlarged by being responsive to our great customers.



The company was founded by Maud Sannes in 2008. Maud began her career as a certified nail technician in a small pink house in Kungssten, Gothenburg.
The name Lilly comes from Maud's grandmother and grandmother who were both named Lilly - two women who meant a lot to Maud. Her grandmother had a heart of gold and her grandmother was a real "grater". With these two fantastic and significant women as role models, Lilly Nails started an impressive journey to say the least.


Joined as a partner in 2012. As a certified nail technician, with experience as head-of-education and a burning interest for professional education, Maria started Lilly Nails' educational branch: "Lilly Nails Academy". The goal - to become the best in Sweden! In 2016, the Swedish people voted Lilly Nails for Sweden's Best School! through the Swedish Nail Award.