Acrylic Brush Kolinsky #08

Handmade exclusive acrylic brush with 100% Kolinsky (marten hair). Also available in a larger size: Acrylic Brush #10.

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Please note:
All brushes are delivered from the factory with glue in the brush bristles so that they can be shipped and stored without damage. Remove this glue carefully before you start working with your new brush so that no glue remains between the bristles and causes the brush to stick together as you work.
First use:
Place the brush against a clean pad and squeeze out the glue flakes. Work from the shaft outwards. Pour acrylic liquid into your dappendish. Shape your brush by wetting it with the liquid and press dry it on a pad or sheet of paper. Trim your brush by cutting (never pulling) any bristles that fall out of shape.
Your brush is now ready for a long collaboration with you!
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