Soak Off Solution 250ml

Soak Off Solution in new bottle!
Gently removes acrylics, nail tips, glues and Gel Polish without damaging the natural nails.
The addition of lanolin prevents the cuticles from drying out.

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Without Wraps
Soak the nails in Soak Off for approximately 5 minutes. Remove the nails from the solution and gently file away the dissolved acrylic layer. Continue soaking and filing until the entire overlay is removed.

With Wraps
Buffer off the top gloss. Apply Soak Off to the cotton and wrap around the nail plate.
Soak the nail 15 min for Gel Polish and 30 min for acrylics. Take off one wrap at a time and peel the product off.

NOTE! Do not apply on natural nails. Do not force or twist loose, as this will cause damage to the natural nail.

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Amount 250ml
Product type Liquids and Glue
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